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We are glad you have chosen to find out more about Bethel House International, we are a multi-cultural non-denominational praying church family, and we follow a Pentecostal and Charismatic orthodoxy. The church is guided by its mission of teaching the unadulterated word of God with emphasis on the resurrection power of Jesus Christ to bring conviction and revival among the body of Christ to be Christ-centered in other to bring healing and deliverance among the church family.


Our vision is to bridge racial, cultural, gender, socio-economic and generational gaps so as to create a community where all people can relate together in a spirit of love and unity.


We assume our share responsibility of propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ as set forth in Matthew 28:19-20. we are committed to bring all people everywhere to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming the gospel, raising  leaders and equipping believers for every God-glorifying services.


Here at Bethel, we are family, we fellowship, we worship, we care, we evangelize, we develop individual talents and spiritual gifts, and we pray till we see the providential hand of God changing situations.

Join our community of believers today.

What have you heard about Jesus?

Testimony is a powerful tool in the hands of every believer. What you testify about Jesus will either draw people to him or drive them away. The question again is; What have you heard about Jesus. Enjoy the message.

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